Terms & Conditions

Hats are beautiful and fun to wear but they are also delicate and fragile Please read my terms and conditions before you hire your hat.

What You Will Pay

When you hire a hat you will be charged for:

  • Hire fee
  • Deposit: This is 50% of the cost of the hire charge
  • Postage: This will be confirmed when you contact us. All our hats are sent either tracked or special delivery.
  • I f the event is cancelled, the hat not suitable or you don’t wear the hat, no refunds are given.

How to hire:

First please contact me to check that the hat is available for your event. Once confirmed that it is free, you will pay via bank transfer for the hire fee, postage cost and the deposit. Prior to hiring I will take your bank details to refund you for the deposit cost if the hat is returned safely and with no damage.


The standard hat hire covers five days, although there is an exception for Royal Ascot where it is three days.

All hats are either sent first class tracked or special delivery depending how urgently you need the hat.

Our hats are sent in a hat box or a shoebox size for headbands with tissue paper and we expect them to be returned in the same box.

Returning Your Hat

  • When hiring a hat you agree that you return the hat in the exact condition that you hired it or you will be charge for repair or replacement costs.
  • It is the customers cost to post the hat back and the hat is your responsibility until it arrives safely back to Lucy Brice Millinery.
  • Ensure that you get proof of postage from the post office.
  • You must return the hat as it arrived, carefully wrapped and in the same box.
  • If you hire a hat for a weekend (Friday – Sunday) the hat must be returned by Wednesday latest.
  • If you hire a hat for a weekday event (Monday – Thursday) the hat must be returned no later than four working days after the event.
  • If the hat is not returned by the agreed date, and the hat is booked for someone else, you will be charged an extra day hire fee.
  • If you decide that you would like to keep the hat for longer or even buy the hat then let us know as soon as possible.

Damage and Repairs

  • When you hire a hat your deposit will cover for minor repairs
  • If your hat is damaged such as squashed, covered in makeup, missing items, marked, or material tears Lucy will calculate if the hat can be repaired and the cost of this.
  • If the hat is damaged beyond repair (e.g sat on!) you will have to pay for the full cost of the entire hat.
  • The hat hire charge isn’t deducted from this cost, it is an additional cost.


  • Hats hate to get wet! They will easily loose their shape so be careful if wet.
  • Choose a safe delivery location. All the hats will need signing for or a safe place to be delivered.
  • Hats mark easily from oily marks, moisturiser and make up. Try and only touch your hat with clean hands. Lucy Brice will often place tape on the inner band to help protect against make up. It is advised not to wear really heavy make up on your forehead.
  • Know when it is time to hang up your hat! Speaking from experience it is best to pop your hat away safely before you have too many drinks! Hang it up or place in its box or somewhere safe so you can focus on the dancing.
  • Have fun! Hats are fun to wear and photograph, we would love to see any images of your hat.

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